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What is Collaborative Divorce?

About Memphis Collaborative Divorce Alliance

Collaborative divorce clients choose specially trained collaborative divorce lawyers who are committed to negotiating a complete and enduring settlement. Clients and attorneys agree by contract to work together respectfully, honestly and in good faith to find win-win solutions for the legitimate needs of both parties and their children. Clients agree in advance not to go to court, except to secure the actual divorce decree. Negotiations are conducted primarily in meetings with both the clients and attorneys together in the room, whether in person or virtual. Full disclosure and transparency are hallmarks of this process. Gamesmanship, threats to “see you in court” and the like are absent in this process by agreement. CDP is a team approach, often involving collaborative mental health neutral, financial neutral to educate, test the parties’ options and help obtain the best resolution. In the event the team cannot reach a resolution parties must hire new counsel and proceed to litigation.

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