Kimery Irby
Phone: (901) 300-9244
Address:1331 Union Ave Suite 1001
Memphis, Tennessee 38104

Kimery Irby

Family Professional

Kimery Irby is an accomplished mental health therapist and healthcare leader who has devoted her career to supporting individuals throughout their lives. With over 15 years of experience, Kimery has provided psychosocial case management services, crisis intervention, individual and group counseling, bio-psychosocial assessment, and therapeutic counseling. She is also skilled in discharge planning, care coordination, mental health, dual diagnosis treatment, and diagnosing according to the DSM-5. Kimery has worked in macro, mezzo, and micro settings, demonstrating her creativity and leadership skills as a change agent for the resiliency of clients and organizations in the Greater Mid-South. 

Her work with trauma-affected children, parents, families, and professionals within the healthcare and court system sparked her passion for advocating for psychologically safe environments. Kimery believes that Trauma-informed care (TIC) is the foundation of developing transformative relationships that can begin the healing process. Inspired by the CDC-Kaiser Permanente adverse childhood experiences (ACE) study, attachment theory, and her post-pandemic observations, Kimery expanded her professional portfolio beyond her thriving therapy practice. In addition to being a clinical and medical social worker, she also practices as a Life Coach, Separation and Divorce Coach, Alternative Dispute Resolution Rule 31 Family Mediator with a domestic violence designation, and Collaborative Divorce Family Professional.