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Attorney/Process Focused Questions

How is a divorce resolved in the Collaborative Process?

  • In general terms it is an Interdisciplinary Team Approach that empowers the parties to make the educated decisions that arise in divorce through the use of interest based negotiations and established protocols for working through the issues. The process is client-focused rather than attorney/court focused. Each client has their own collaboratively trained attorney to advocate their interests and a mental health professional and financial neutral; often join the team to assist with communications, family issues and financial scenarios.
  • The parties sign a Participation Agreement that among many things states that neither party will use the threat of “going to court” in negotiations and the parties will not litigate the divorce through the traditional litigation system. The parties agree to follow the protocols to gather information to insure decisions are made with full knowledge and a full understanding of their individual interests. These protocols include four way meeting with attorneys and clients as well as meeting that include one or more professional neutrals when needed. The parties may also meet individually or jointly with the neutrals but without the attorneys. Every case has a set of unique issues that will determine how, when and with whom the parties meet throughout the process.
  • Parties sign a sworn joint statement, Assets, Debts and Contingent assets and liabilities.

Why choose the Collaborative process to resolve family conflict?

Do parties have to get along or have everything pretty much agreed upon to participate in the Collaborative Practice?

What’s the difference between Mediation and Collaboration?

How much does it cost?

Financial Professional Questions

Why would a couple need a financial neutral?

What is the Financial Neutral’s role in this process?

Does the financial neutral sell financial products to the parties?

Do they charge for their services?

Family Professional Questions

Why would a couple need a neutral family professional?

Who are Family professionals?

What is the Family Professionals’ role in this process?

Do they conduct therapy?

Do they charge for their services?

Judiciary and Mediator Questions

What role does the Judiciary play in a Collaborative Divorce?

Can Collaborative Divorce be conducted virtually? 

What role does a Family Law Mediator play in a Collaborative Divorce?

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